There are various ways to listen to our station, depending on your preference and what type of device you’re using. You can always just listen here, (although you’ll lose the stream if you navigate away from this page. So, to avoid that, click here to open this page in another browser tab.)

Listen to our live studio broadcast:

You may find us listed on the SHOUTcast website.

You may also download a file to open in your media player:

  • Click here to download a PLS file for iTunes or Winamp.
  • Click here to download an M3U file for Windows Media Player.
  • Click here to download an XSPF file for VLC Media Player.

If you’re on Android or iOS, you may also find OWU Radio – The Line using one of these mobile apps:

  • Radio (iOS)
  • Radio Tuner Free (iOS)
  • XiiaLive (Android) –with this you have to switch the radio directory in Search from UberStations to SHOUTcast before searching

Searching for “owu radio” in each of them will connect you to The Line.

Please note that we cannot support these apps. We only provide the streaming audio they connect to.

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