Hello all,

This will be my final post as General Manager for OWU Radio here. Having begun the previous year with high expectations and hopes for our station, I can say to start off this post that the word to describe my feelings at this point in time is: proud. We started this journey with not much else but a booth, the right equipment, a shared budget, and support from the staff of Ohio Wesleyan University’s Dept. of Journalism, and not much else. Between the Spring of 2014 to now at the end of the Fall of 2015, OWU Radio has now a staff of around 35 people with 24 shows broadcasting regularly from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. Monday thru Friday (with a few sprinkling of afternoon shows in the mix between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.).

As GM, I facilitated the creation of the current positions within OWU Radio and set the groundwork for positions to be acquired as we move forward in the future with more shows and longer hours of broadcast. I’ve created the rules and station expectations/policies as well as drafted the contracts along with the applications based on older copies I acquired. I created all the docs, updated the website, help set up the archiving of our shows, and created many of the pages you can visit on this website today. I helped to promote the station and encourage people to join the OWU Radio staff no matter the major nor the background in broadcasting and also no matter the content of your show (within reason, of course). To this end, OWU Radio has a strong, tall foundation and is prepared to go forward in the future even without me at the helm directing it.

But I haven’t been alone. In my time as General Manager, I have been blessed with the full and complete support of Ohio Wesleyan University’s Department of Journalism and, in particular, Professor Paul Kostyu and Jo Ingles, our media adviser. None of this would have been possible without their advocacy for the radio, their support of the students, and their constant willingness to give advice and suggestion when it was and is needed. The radio as an entity on this campus would have continued to be “dead air” if not for them and their push to bring it back.

In this same subject, I must also personally thank David Soliday, our Chief Engineer, whose knowledge and help with the technological running of our station has been instrumental in keeping it functioning properly and smoothly. Next up is Catie Kocian, our promotions director, who created a new ad policy for our station in coordination with the business managers of the Transcript and also has helped with promoting the wider station to the members of the OWU Community. Through her help, we can now begin to acquire advertisers and broadcast their ads over the “web-waves.” Lastly of course, there is the staff and the listeners to thank. Without the staff, there wouldn’t be a radio program and we wouldn’t have any product to give people and without the listeners, there would be no point in having a radio program. Taken all together, myself and this station have truly been blessed since kickstarting this station back online again (and this time, I hope, permanently).

With all this, I would like to personally publish my official welcoming and my pleasure to formally announce that Gopika Nair is now the radio station’s new General Manager and Izzy Sommerdorf is our station’s new Program Director. I have complete confidence in their abilities to continue moving the radio station in a positive direction and to further growth in multiple areas. Welcome to you both and I know you will do well by this station and its staff.

It’s bittersweet to leave this position and end my term as GM. I am saddened that I won’t be GM anymore, but I am proud of what I accomplished and of what OWU Radio has become. I’m happy to leave OWU Radio in good hands and I’m happy in the fact that I know it will continue and not go off the air again anytime soon. To quote Frank Sinatra:

“And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full
I’ve traveled each and every highway
But more, much more than this
I did it my way.”

Without further ado, this is the last time I can say: thanks for tuning in with the GM. I hope everyone has a fantastic Winter Break and be sure to check us out again for the Spring Semester!

Signing off for the last time as GM,

Conor Golden … fmr. General Manager of OWU Radio

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite the semester for OWU Radio so far! As it stands we have now over 30 people on staff and are continually expanding our numbers as we grow with a new variety of shows broadcasting over the web-waves. We’ve started archiving our shows this semester and the staff have been working hard to continually create better and better shows for your listening pleasure and at your own leisure now too.

This Fall, OWU Radio participated in the Student Involvement Fair for the first time in years and we are now in the process of completing the application to become an officially recognized club/organization of the Student Involvement Office and the University.

With all these new shows and new people joining, our schedule has now completely filled during the hours of 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. Mondays thru Thursdays and 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. on Fridays. New applications continue to pour into the station though so we’ve decided to expand our schedule to include afternoon time slots of 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. Mondays thru Fridays.

Some folks are wondering when we’ll open up the weekends again for people to do shows then. The short answer to such inquiries is: No, not yet. However, we are still in the process of building up and promoting our station now that our solid base has been established (“Phase II” as I like to call it).

To help with promoting and advertising both the station and the shows, OWU Radio has added Catie Kocian as our new Promotions Director this year. Catie has been a great help in expanding the campus’ awareness of our existence, has created an excellent Ad Policy for any would-be advertisers on our station, and was instrumental in signing us up for the SIO Fair (and thus getting more and more people than we anticipated to join). A huge thank you is in order from myself and all the other members of the staff at OWU Radio for hers and everyone’s hard work.

To remind everyone, no member of the staff at OWU Radio are paid to devote their time and energy to this station. We do it because we love to do it and want to do it. That sort of dedication and camaraderie reflects well on everyone involved in this station and serves as a good resource for individuals to tap into in their futures with careers, higher education, or whatever path they choose to follow.

We are having a great semester so far and I cannot wait to see how much develops between now and when my term as General Manager ends this Fall. I do know that I will have left OWU Radio better off than when I took up the position and helped breathe life back into it again because of all the help we’ve received from the Dept. of Journalism and its chair Dr. Paul Kostyu as well as our Media Adviser Jo Ingles! Thanks to our staff for working so hard and our listeners for tuning in and hearing our shows!

Conor Golden, General Manager

Hello listeners,

First, I would like to thank all of you for your support given to myself and the rest of the staff here at OWU Radio. We’ve watched and listened to this station grow to exceed all the expectations. As of now, we have around 19 shows and more than 25 people on the total staff list with a regular scheduled program that has been running Monday thru Friday. The website has a new look and the station a new logo! We’ve had our technical hick-ups and worked out the audio issues and even figured out how to archive these shows for next Fall. It’s been an overwhelming semester and this week marks the last week OWU Radio will be broadcasting. Following the end of Thursday’s programs on April 30, we will be shutting down the station for the summer break until we go back on the air in August/September.

Continue to listen to us next semester and spread the word to everyone you know not only of our existence, but of slots for a radio show opening up to those interested come the beginning of Fall Semester! Thanks again, good luck on finals, and enjoy this last week of broadcasting from us.

Conor Golden, General Manager

Hello station listeners and friends,

Because a majority of our spots are currently filled and we are less than a month away from ending the school year for 2014-2015, applications to become a DJ are now closed for this semester.

If you’re interested in applying then please feel free to check in again next August as we will have more spots to fill and new shows to hype up our station and our diversity! Thanks for your interest and we hope you all stay tuned in with us here at OWU Radio–The Line. We appreciate all the support being given by the students and the rest of the OWU community here to our radio family.


Conor Golden, General Manager

Hello everyone,

Our schedule is in place, our staff is excited to broadcast their shows, an article is published, and OWU Radio is now ready to stream to you LIVE FROM PHILLIPS HALL! A big thank you is in order to our Chief Engineer David Soliday and all the other members of Information Services who worked hard this past week to get the station ready to stream over the webwaves.

A big thank you is also in order again to the Dept. of Journalism especially: Jo Ingles, our media adviser to the station, and Dr. Paul Kostyu, chair to the department. Thank you’s aside, we are airing a pilot show sometime this week, troubleshooting logistic matters, and making sure we are fully ready TO BEGIN BROADCASTING OUR SHOWS TO YOU STARTING THE FIRST WEEK OF FEBRUARY!


Keep following us for other announcements and updates on our Facebook page as well as the station website.

Stay on the Line,

Conor Golden, General Manager.

Hello everyone,

I hope all you Bishops are enjoying your Winter Break so far and let me also take this time to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

And what better way to start the new year and the next semester than by applying for any of our positions for the spring semester 2015! We are currently still looking for Announcers/Hosts (aka DJ’s) to do their own programs live on the web-waves. If you’re interested, please refer to our new “To Apply” page on the website!!

Please complete the applications by January 12 (aka the day we’re back from break)! Anyone can apply regardless of major/minor, prior experience, etc. For any more questions please refer them to Conor Golden, General Manager for OWU Radio, and Jo Ingles, our media advisor.

Ladies and gentleman, tell everyone you’ve ever known in your entire life that WE. ARE. BACK!!!

It is my distinct pleasure as the new General Manager for OWU Radio to formally announce that we will begin broadcasting on the web-waves once again on January 2015. In the meantime guys, go like our Facebook page and share it with your friends for more announcements and information to come.

The website, for right now, is a tribute to a work in progress! It’s got a new look and it’s information is being constantly updated including, most notably, the addition of a “Contact Us” page. I wanted to take this opportunity especially to tell all your musically inclined friends who have some recorded material to feel free to send it in to our mailing address or physically drop it off in Phillips Hall at the Dept. of Journalism mailboxes. You may be broadcasted on our music program come Spring Semester 2015!

We are also in the process of re-attaining our twitter account where, sadly, the information has been lost to time! Next up, advertisements for radio positions are being sent out to the student body in the OWU Daily within the week. Keep your eyes and email accounts open for some radio opportunities. Anyone can apply no matter experience level, major/minor, etc.

With all that said, I am also wanting to take this time to especially thank Dr. Paul Kostyu, our chair for the Dept. of Journalism, for his diligent work in making this station live, breathe, and eventually broadcast again to the community. I would also like to thank Jo Ingles, our Media Adviser, for her hard work and assistance in this endeavor. Lastly, congratulations to the new staff working on The Transcript and good luck to everyone on finals in these coming weeks!

I am especially happy with the support I’ve received from students, faculty, and staff since attaining this position and hope that it continues and translates over to listeners come springtime. We are all excited for the future of this station and are ready for the next semester to start this thing up right. So, strap in and stay tuned for more!Conor Golden, General Manager

The Line, OWU Radio, will be off-line for the summer, while students are off to various and sundry destinations.

Look for its return in late August with new and old programming.

Have a great break, and let music influence your life.


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